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Affordable solutions for small to medium businesses.

We make it easier to integrate state-of-the-art technology at any stage in its growth cycle.

We work with the country’s biggest properties.

With years of experience, we assess and understand the demands of your business like no other provider.

Connecting innovation with education.

We help schools build classrooms of the future with flexible, scalable bandwidth.

Powering the global healthcare revolution.

We assist medical staff in their provision of modern medical procedures.

A reliable and innovative partner in business.

Become a Broadband Solutions reseller and enjoy the benefits of a working with a true corporate ISP.

Compliant, reliable and affordable hardware.

We provide durable high performance hardware that your business can rely on.


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The Broadband Solutions network was built specifically for business use. We understand the demands of business and we provide fast, reliable and reasonably priced business broadband. 509-216-0632

Business Voice Solutions

We are highly confident in the reliability and performance of our network and voice services and provide our own customised business grade voice over IP services which can be tailored to your needs. Read more

Business Cloud Solutions

Whether you’re looking for data storage, or an office voice service that suits your business needs, Broadband Solutions offers you smart, effective and efficient cloud solutions. Read more


Businesses today function in an online environment with valuable and sensitive data. Necessarily, security has become a top priority that we must take very seriously. Read more

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