What We Do

Cetrus Process Meter (CPM) is a real-time, desktop application management platform.

CPM provides Plug-ins which track applications to give you the best insight into your application use. To visualize this data CPM includes built-in reporting and analytic tools such as trending reports, session use rankings, and real-time concurrency.

How We Can Help You

Reduce Costs: CPM helps you to identify where you are over and under licensed, so you can minimize costs.

Detailed Data: Precise and detailed data provides complete visibility into your licensing and application use.

Application Use Insight: With CPM you will see peak number of licenses, trending use, application state, inventory, user rankings, and more.

Coming Soon

Application REStrictor (ARES) is a new Plug-in that will be released June 2018. ARES allows companies to contain and control their costs. When a user clicks on an application, ARES will restrict it from launching if the current number of running applications exceeds the maximum number of applications allowed. This will restrict license use to the exact number purchased.

Waitlist is another Plug-in which will be released shortly after ARES. When an application is restricted through ARES users can join a waitlist and be notified when the application is available.

Application REStrictor (ARES)

Contain and control your software costs by restricting license use


  • Reduce unexpected costs
  • Control license use
  • Understand your needs
Coming soon!

Activity Monitor

Real-time application monitoring at the file level


  • Reduce license spending
  • Identify licensing needs
  • Compare application use and users
  • See peak and trending use
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Expense-2-Project (E2P)

Associate application use to projects for billing and analysis


  • Increase profitability
  • Recoup licensing costs
  • Justify new license purchases
  • Reduce overhead
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