Do I Need Flood Insurance?

If you have picked up a newspaper, tuned into the nightly news or logged onto your favorite news site lately, you have probably asked yourself "Do I need flood insurance"? Flooding is always in the news. It seems each day another region of the country is under water. And when the reporters interview the victims it's always the same comments, " I have never seen water this high before " or " We have never seen flooding here before ". What it all adds up to is unprecedented flooding that can happen almost anywhere, at anytime and for any reason. That's why FEMA says " Everyone lives in a flood zone ".

This site will attempt to help you assess your flood risk, your need for flood insurance and help you to undersand what happens if you become a victim of a flood and don't have flood insurance. It's by understanding these factors that you will be able to answer the question " Do I need flood insurance".




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Everyone lives in a flood zone.

Find out what causes floods, where it can happen and what type of flooding presents the biggest risk to your home or business. You'll begin to understand why FEMA says " Everyone lives in a flood zone ".





Flood Facts and Fantasy

Misconceptions about floods and flood insurance can be costly and dangerous. We dispel the fantasy so you can see the facts more clearly. Find out why " Homeowners Insurance " and " Federal Disaster Assistance " are not the solutions you may expect.



The Personal Cost of Flooding

Explore the personal cost of property damage with this interactive "Flood Damage Calculator". You may be surprised to find how little water it takes to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business.




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