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Dealing with the loss of someone close to you is always bound to be a traumatic and difficult experience. On top of the emotional impact of the loss itself, the death of a loved one or close friend also means having to negotiate a complex and daunting set of processes. At the very moment when you feel least equipped to focus on practical, legal or financial issues, you find yourself having to do precisely that.

Here at Burialplots.co.uk we set out to minimise the stress which all of this involves by doing two things. The first of these is to offer access to affordable burial plots across the UK, bringing choice, flexibility and convenience to a market place which is currently failing to meet demand. The second is to provide a source of information and help to anyone who finds themselves having to arrange a funeral, or wishes to remove uncertainty by making plans for the future.

Ensure loved ones are protected against rising costs of funerals 

Although cremation is an option, many people, for cultural religious or personal reasons, prefer burial, and this is leading to a situation in which demand outstrips supply and prices rise at more than the rate of inflation every year. As land across the UK is taken up by the need for more housing and infrastructure, local authorities are finding it harder and harder to offer access to burial plots. In some parts of the country provision has all but stopped, whilst many authorities are predicting that access to burial plots will become increasingly scarce in the years to come. Against this backdrop, Burialplots.co.uk is able to offer the reassurance of certainty. Rather than having to wait and hope that a plot will be available when the time comes, our clients can plan ahead with clarity and assurance. Many people take comfort in knowing they have a plot or plots pre-purchased, particularly if they desire a final resting place which is close to members of their family or people with the same religious beliefs. By offering provision above and beyond the traditional funeral director model, we enable our clients to make arrangements such as these, and maximise availability by offering a choice between advance payment and payment plan options.

Burial space in the UK is due to run out inside of 20 years

There’s more to the process of bereavement than simply purchasing a burial plot, and our site offers access to all of the information an individual in this situation might need. Whether dealing with a sudden loss or planning for the future, visitors can access information on topics like making a will, handling probate, choosing a coffin, writing a eulogy and dealing with the details of a funeral such as flowers, cars and stonemasons. By bringing all of this information together in one place we can minimise the stress of dealing with loss and help individuals to cope with the immediate aftermath or enjoy the security of planning for the future. If you have any questions about purchasing a burial plot or anything else which dealing with a bereavement entails, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or by calling 0800 193 1003. Our experts are ready and waiting to provide the advice and information you’re looking for.


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