Week 10 is in the books, and with it, a clarifying picture of the qualifying playoff teams. We break down the seemingly unenthusiastic fight for the final 8th seed, and remind our owners during some obscure point in the episode that the TRADE DEADLINE falls on the 21st OF NOVEMBER. For those trying to make […]

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We start off the second half of the season discussing some hot new hip hop releases. A call for replacement co-host is broadcasted, takers welcomed. Keep listening for the last segment of the show as we elaborate on the keeper rules, important to keep in mind as the powerhouse teams try to out-powerhouse each other.


The much anticipated Halloween episode is here! This time around we bring in everyone’s favorite first place owner, Evan Hogan, for a content lucrative installment the Commissioner’s Podcast. Also on the horn per usual co-host Lachey Ross, continuing his escapades for equality and we finally hash out “who’s league this is”.