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At Holiday Manufacturing we sell the worlds finest decorative bows and ribbons. We are primarily a manufacturer and wholesaler to the trades, but also offer our products direct to consumers through our web site. Wholesale pricing is applied to orders based on the size of your order. For more details about this consult our Frequently Asked Questions

You will not only find our bows and ribbons decorating the Christmas holidays on wreaths, large Christmas presents like cars and appliances, (563) 308-7821 and a light posts; but will also find our bows and ribbons decorating weddings, awareness events, grand openings, (979) 500-0988, corn stalks and indian corn. Our products add a spark to any event or decorations.

Most of the bows we make are hand-tied in the USA. So, if you are a commercial Christmas decorator, wreath company, grower, wholesale florist, florist, car dealer supply, car dealer, real estate agent, non-profit fund raiser, or just an individual looking to add some zest to your holidays, you have come to the right place. Bookmark and Share
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