• Missy is dedicated to our country, our commonwealth, and our community.


    She served in the United States Navy, opened a small business in Virginia Beach, and is an advocate for safety and equality. Missy is committed to a safe, environmentally resilient, and economically strong Virginia Beach. Now she is running to serve in Virginia’s Senate to represent the 8th district.

  • Military Service

    Missy’s military background has helped make service and leadership a central part of her life and her mission. That’s why she’s proud to have the endorsement of VoteVets.org.

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    Small Business

    Missy opened up a successful small business in 2007, and has employed hundreds of local high school and college students as a “Partner in Education.”

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    Advocate for Safety and Equality

    Missy started a petition calling for locked doors in local elementary schools and is also a passionate advocate for Virginia’s becoming the next state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

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    Help Missy create a better future for the people of Virginia Beach