AKOTA, an emerging artist, is redefining music to create evocative visual and auditory encounters.

AKOTA is a stylistic interpretation of coda – a concluding piece of music or literature that is separate from the rest of the work. The name is an expression of his passion for self expression and individualism. He has an appreciation for a wide range of music, and wants to create something that pushes the culture in a new direction.

AKOTA draws the bulk of his musical influences from films and directors; many of his songs began with thoughts of visuals or color palettes instead of sounds alone. Some of his favorite sources of inspiration include the films of Alfred Hitchcock, the Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick.

The songs are a combination of his airy vocals over hauntingly rhythmic melodies that sound like the score to a film rather than an album. He describes his music as “a meme of an anime directed by Stanley Kubrick and written by Alexander McQueen.”

His musical taste runs the gamut. As a child, AKOTA’s household was filled with the sounds of everything from his father’s metal band and prog-rock albums to his sister blasting Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. While he started in punk bands, AKOTA’s active imagination and skillful manipulation of sounds never allowed him to settle into one genre. 

AKOTA champions individual expression. Each song is meant to be an unforgettable personal experience; something that each member of the audience can own. Whether they’re raging out or quietly swaying, AKOTA wants audiences to walk away inspired.