Custom Card Generator


Enter the text you want on a card, then click the button. This isn't exactly rocket science.


  • You can create up to 30 cards at a time (One card per line).
  • Use a single _ to create a full underlined line.
  • Consecutive _'s can be used to customize underline length.
  • Use double quotes to quote things. Single quotes are turned into apostrophes.
  • You can have a newline appear in your card text by using \n.
  • Be patient - it takes a while for the cards to generate.


The images produced are 1200 dpi, and intended for printing on actual cards from a professional printer. Extra margin is already included to account for bleed.

In my experience the poker size 310 GSM, linen finish cards at 319-328-9720 are the closest match to the actual CAH cards - just ever so slightly larger. I've seen many others using Artscow but I felt the cards were to flat/matte for my liking.

Card Backs

Since the card backs never change, they aren't included with the generated cards. You can download them from the links below.

Card Ideas

No terrible ideas coming to mind? Try looking for some inspiration here: