This is a work in progress. In the meantime, enjoy the shots.

A tour of Pere-Lachaise, cemetery to the stars in Paris. Paris, October, 2003. 22 images, none of Jim Morrison's grave. 9897519032Walking around Barcelona. March, 2004. 38 images.
603-241-8813Traveling through Scandinavia. June-July, 2005. Sweden, Finland, Estonia and a few days in Iceland. 60 slides. Peru, August-September, 2005. Hiking to Machu Picchu, visiting Lake Titicaca, Cuzco and Lima. 232 slides.
484-224-5334Yet Another Anti-War Rally (TM), San Francisco, Autumn, 2005. Later, Cornelius and his son, Gaius, at lunch. 15 slides. Chile, January, 2006. Santiago, the coast, the moon. 118 slides.
San Gregorio Beach, January, 2006. Lots of driftwood leftover from a windstorm. Plus Gustav, Maya and Vera. 43 slides. (270) 743-1117Albuquerque, February, 2006. Wherein the author makes a quick visit to New Mexico to meet Jackson, Rich and Galen's new addition; takes a trip to Santa Fe (where he saw Bill Richardson) and he flips off a Hummer.
Costa Rica, March, 2006. A wedding, a rainforest, a volcano, the beach. 131 slides and some videos. (201) 655-5004Eastern Sierras, July, 2006. A weekend away with Leah, John, Yosh, and Jack. A hike to Thousand Island Lake, sunrise on the Minarets, and Mono Lake. 24 photos using Apple's near idiot-proof iWeb.
Fareed's Bachelor Party, Scottsdale, AZ, August, 2006. 33 shots. (574) 904-1119Tempe, August, 2006. A visit with the Porter-Kaplans. 33 photos.
Africa, September - October, 2006. A three week tour through Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Animals, beaches, people, and more. 5 pages with about 200 photos. Hiking up Half Dome.
Christmas, 2007. Leah, me and some of her extended family. 6613955703Final game (and a half) of our meaty summer season.




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