Enter the era of Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation empowers employees to automate and optimize their own business processes with no-code workflow and a content automation platform that’s trusted by IT.


Power to the people

With Nintex, people on the business side now find it easy to build workflows on their own. I’ve been in meetings where a business problem was introduced, and by the end of the meeting, there is a running solution in place. People say to me, ‘It’s easy!’, and I say, ‘It’s Nintex’.

Fernando NunesAutomation Architect, MAN Diesel & Turbo

The 4th wave of process automation

Artificial intelligence—from machine learning to natural language processing and deep learning—changes the way modern workplaces innovate and operate.

Free the 4th wave of process automation

Together, we pioneered the move to no-code process automation. Now, we’re pushing forward. This is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)—an emerging set of new technologies that combines process automation with robotic process automation and machine learning.

The IPA era is here.

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Humans and machines working in harmony

What if every process your team used to get work done happened automatically? Move beyond IT bottlenecks to a world where humans and machines accomplish more—together—to improve how people work.

Advanced Workflow

Drag and drop no code workflow capable of automating any business process

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Automatically create consistent, compliant, up-to-date documents


Leverage mobile devices and forms to capture critical data ­online or offline

Robotic Process Automation

Automate the highly repetitive actions a person would perform

Process Intelligence

Real-time analytics and insights to govern, analyze, and drive the efficacy and efficiency of your process portfolio

Machine Intelligence

Utilize best of breed machine learning and natural language processes to assist people in completing tasks

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451 Research Report

Nintex wins new investor, positions itself in the intelligent process automation market

Industry analyst firm 451 Research examines Thoma Bravo's new majority investment stake in Nintex and dives into how Nintex plans to enable intelligent process automation (IPA) to benefit the modern enterprise.

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Intuitive. Integrated. Intelligent. Expect nothing less.

What makes an Intelligent Process Automation platform? It’s easy for line of business—and trusted by IT. It works where you work. And it teaches you, while optimizing your processes.

Intuitive. Integrated. Intelligent. Expect nothing less.


Your workflow and content automation tools must be easy to design, participate, understand, and resolve.


Integrated IPA capabilities must be deeply integrated into the enterprise tools your line of business relies on.


An IPA platform should be a system of intelligence—your digital process automation coach.

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Disrupt or be disrupted

Welcome to the new era of Intelligent Process Automation. Stay ahead of the competition by automating, orchestrating, and optimizing your workplace.


Digital transformation is an achievable destination not a never ending journey. Put an end to the IT backlog by empowering your line of business with an easy-to-use no code IPA platform.

Intelligent Process Automation

Focus on what matters most. With the rise of AI, it is now possible for line of business workers to leverage machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning capabilities to move repeatable tasks to machines.