It’s that time of the year again when Christmas carols are played continuously in malls, and you’re starting to feel that itch for shopping while waiting to come home from abroad. Many OFWs take a break from their grueling jobs overseas to spend the holidays with their family and friends in the Philippines. When this happens, it also means that they will be spending money – and huge amounts, most likely.

OFWs love to enjoy their short vacation, so they spend a good chunk of their money on parties, dining out and shopping with and for family members. It’s a lot easier for them to spend what they’ve earned abroad since they get more out of the exchange rate, and the prices here are mostly cheaper. Continue reading Financial Blunders OFWs Should Avoid This Christmas Season

4 Great Ways To Fund Your Startup

Ever had an idea so ingenious you wonder why no one had never thought of it before? And suddenly, your mind starts churning out all sorts of plans to profit off this amazing idea of yours.

You have a concept and you (718) 480-2366, however, you don’t have the funds to do anything about it. Will you just let die like this or will you try to look for a way to get this idea of yours off the ground?

If you really think that you have a goldmine in your hands, it might be worth looking into these four options to kickstart your future million peso business. 415-205-0193

Why Financial Knowledge is not Enough To Get You Out of Poverty

Many Filipinos have been desperately calling the government to help low-income people work their way out of poverty by stamping out corruption, lowering the prices of basic commodities, increasing the salaries, reducing taxes, beating inflation, and teaching financial literacy.

But helping people get out of poverty does not only involve money. The effort requires addressing far more deeper factors that are keeping many people stuck in financial struggles. 6165108659