It's All About the Experience

The market for cryptocurrencies is the most promising investment market of our time. But access to it and its handling is very confusing. Furthermore, the market carries significant risks. Your Smart Trader software is the ultimate solution


User-friendly interface

The Smart Trade Software allows you to manage all your exchanges (8), fiats (3) and cryptos (over 100) with just one interface. Constant logging-in and switching of platforms is no longer necessary.



The Smart Trade Software simplifies analysis and market overview. Representations of charts, order books and balances as well as others are already available in the basic version.


Professional Trading

In its full version, STS offers tools such as arbitrage trading, which either enable risk-free profit-taking or significantly increase opportunities for profit. You configure these tools according to your personal ideas, and the software then runs automatically. You do not need to sit in front of the computer all the time, while it makes earning cryptos with the STS a lot easier.


Continuous development

We constantly strive to provide you with an optimal product and other useful add-ons (subject to a charge). That's why we provide you with updates (free of charge) on a permanent basis, and are already building some tools that you can use later this year.


Copy Trading (coming soon)

We are especially looking forward to copy trading, which gives you the opportunity to follow an expert. We select the most successful experts from our community whose presettings you can then copy by pressing a button

Screenshots of STC Software